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Abel #4 Pliers
Description: The larger Abel #4 Pliers are perfect for all-around fresh- and saltwater use, offering butter-smooth action whether you're trolling offshore for trophy marlin or fly fishing for native trout in your own backyard. Abel Pliers have reached near-icon status in the flyfishing world, and for good reason. They are simply a joy to hold and use, and bring investment-level qualityto a sea of cheap knockoffs. Corrosion-resistant handles, machined from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized for enhanced protection, provide secure grip on the Abel #4 Pliers while you remove a lure from the mouth of a thrashing striper or snip monofilament for your next streamer rig. Replaceable, heat-treated stainless steel jaws offer precision for cutting tippet and strength for de-barbing hooks. A built-in bottle opener on the Abel 4 Pliers is an added touch to help you crack a celebratory microbrew when the day is over and the stories start flowing. Overall length: 6.5 inches Handles machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and anodized for corrosion resistance Scalloping on lower handle for easy orientation by feel Precision stainless steel replaceable cutting/clamping jaws with electroplated nickel finish Built-in stainless steel bottle opener Coiled leash with snap ring included Hand-tooled Latigo leather belt sheath available (sold separately) .

Store: Vail Valley Anglers Brand: Abel Price: USD 290.00

Abel Nipper
Description: The Abel Nippers could be the last pair of nippers you'll ever buy. With replaceable stainless steel jaws and an anodized, machined aluminum body, the Abel Nippers are designed to cut cleanly through everything from 7X fluorocarbon tippet to 100-pound monofilament and braided lines. The hardest thing about purchasing a set of Abel Nippers will be choosing between the 23 different finishes, including solid colors, fish graphics, and even a skull-and-crossbones design. If you are tired of buying a new pair of nippers every other time you head to the water, pick up a pair of Abel Nippers and never worry about it again. Grab the Abel Lanyard, too, for fully incorporated function. Replaceable jaws Anodized aluminum body Saltwater-resistant Made in the U.S.A. .

Store: Vail Valley Anglers Brand: Abel Price: USD 105.00

Abel Zinger
Description: It took awhile, but fly reel manufacturer and creative machine shop Abel Automatics, Inc., has streamlined, modernized, and perfected the ubiquitous tool found on virtually every fly fisher's vest: the zinger. Used to hold nippers, clippers, de-barbing pliers, fly floatant, scissors, or magnifying glasses - to name a few - within easy reach on a retractable spool, the tools have been most notable for breaking or falling apart at the most inopportune time. Abel's made-in-the-USA Zinger boasts stainless steel and 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace-grade aluminum construction and is designed with the option to either attach to a vest using a screw mechanism or utilize the included ""S"" carabineer to clip it to a D-ring on a vest or sling pack. The 36-inch retracting cord is manufactured from a Spectra/Nylon blend with 40-pound test strength, ensuring an angler's ability to reach wherever it is needed without breakage - the number one complaint with plastic ""bargain"" retractable spools. Housing is 6061-T6 cold finished aerospace-grade aluminum All components are 303 stainless steel Multi attachment system Extra-long super-strong spectra/nylon cord ** Please note pictures are for display purposes only. Colors will vary Weight: 1.1 ounces .

Store: Vail Valley Anglers Brand: Abel Price: USD 115.00

Abel Hybrid Hemostat
Description: TheHybrid Hemostat from Abelis made ofstrong aircraft aluminum andstainless steel components resulting in a lighweight fly fishing tool crucial to every angler. A thumb-operated locking system engages and releases easily while stainless steel jaws effectively crimp barbs and unhook fish. An ergonomically shaped grip means your hands won't cramp up and retractor and lanyard attachment points mean you'll keep this tool within hands reach. If you're looking for a high quality, durable hemostat, look no further than the Abel Hybrid Hemostat. Stainless jaws for crimping barbs and unhooking fish Ergonomic shape for solid grip Aircraft aluminum/stainless steel construction is lightweight, strong and durable .

Store: Vail Valley Anglers Brand: Abel Price: USD 200.00

Abel #2 Pliers & Blade Combo w/Sheath
Description: The Abel #2 Pliers and Blade Combo puts two useful tools in your hands and enables to you take control of almost any fishing situation. The #2 Pliers are made of anodized, machined aluminum and feature replaceable, steel jaws and cutting blades that slice cleanly through everythig from heavy shock tippet, braided lines, and bite wire, to ultra-fine fluorocarbon leaders and tippets. They include a built-in bottle opener for end of the day celebrations and a spring-loaded hinge for easy one-handed use. The #2 size pliers are built to handle trout, bass, and even light saltwater fishing tasks. Use them to pinch the barb on a small dry fly in Colorado one day, and then to release a Texas bass the next. Alongside the pliers in the Combo is the high carbon, high chrome, stainless steel Abel Blade. At 2.875 inches long, the Abel Blade is compact, yet incredibly useful. Whether you need to cut away entraping boat straps in an emergency or simply slice up a riverside snack, the non serrated blade will get the job done in a hurry. Even though the Abel Pliers and Abel Blade are both available in several beautiful colors and fish graphic finishes, do not mistake these tools for trinkets. They are made to withstand years of heavy use on the water. A leather combo sheath and coiled lanyard hold both tools snugly and strap to your belt for quick access while fishing, rowing the boat, or hiking to the river. Pliers feature replaceable steel jaws 2.875 inch blade is non-serrated Both tools are made with anodized machined 6061-T6 aluminum Leather holster sheath and coiled plier lanyard included Made in the U.S.A. .

Store: Vail Valley Anglers Brand: Abel Price: USD 645.00

Abel Super Reel 5N - Large Arbor
Description: Zap a big saltwater gamefish fly reel with an infraredshrink ray, and you'll end up with something close to the Abel Super 5N Reel. The Super 5N brings all the great features of a large arbor big-game reel - strength, fast recovery, reduced line coiling, and a bigger drag surface - to your local trout stream. Its narrow gauge maintains a slim feel and good balance with lightweight rods, and simultaneously reduces the need for finger wrapping as you reel in. The ventilated design on this fly fishing rodreduces overall weight and keeps the drag surface cooler and more consistent through a fight. While it's true the 5N is designed for 5-weight line, it will definitely handle heavier line and is especially suited to anglers who enjoy the thrill of landing big fish on light tackle. Every Abel reel chassis is machined in the USA from cold-finished, aerospace-quality 6061-T651 aluminum for optimal strength and corrosion resistance. Bolts and axles are machined stainless steel for reliability, and Teflon-sealed aircraft bearings ensure top performance with virtually zero maintenance. The Abel Super 5N drag is a cork composite, which has a proven history of quick cooling, water resistance, and low inertia. Another bonus is that all Super Series reels, including the 5N, are compatible with Abel's standard-arbor spools (sold separately) , which means you can always go traditional when the mood strikes. Frame, spool, and foot machined from cold-finished 6061-T651 aerospace aluminum Bolts and axle machined from solid stainless steel Teflon sealed bearings for corrosion resistance and low maintenance Ventilated design for light weight and fast cooling Narrow gauge reduces the need to finger wrap across the spool Large arbor reduces line coiling and speeds recovery Compatible with standard-arbor Abel spools (sold separately) Every Abel reel is made in the USA .

Store: Vail Valley Anglers Brand: Abel Price: USD 650.00

Abel Super Reel 7/8N - Large Arbor
Description: Striking a balance between a big-gamefish reel and a salmon/trout setup, the Abel Super 7/8N Fly Reelis a great option for anglers who split time fishinglarge freshwater rivers and coastal saltwater areas. As comfortable haulingAlaskan trout as it is fighting stripers and blues, the Abel Super 7/8N Large Arbor Reel has a narrow profile and lightweight feel that belies its massive backing capacity and impressive drag strength. The combination design means it feels balanced with both large and standard arbor spools (sold separately) , and there's no denying that the hand-painted finish options are worthy of display. Like every Abel reel, the Super 7/8N is machined and assembled from cold-finished 6061-T651 aerospace aluminum. Made with6061-T651 aerospace aluminum for exceptional strength-to-weight ratio Accepts both large and standard arbor Abel spools (large arbor included; spare spools sold separately) Traditional cork drag for proven reliability Made in the USA .

Store: Vail Valley Anglers Brand: Abel Price: USD 730.00

Abel Super Reel 9/10N - Large Arbor
Description: Bonefish in the Keys this week, Cape Cod blues the next. The Abel Super 9/10N Large Arbor Reel will handle both trips, and more. Abel's new narrow-gauge Super Series featuressome of the finest, most beautifully made fly fishing reels on the market.Light and svelte enough for big-river trout, but with the strength and capacity to tackle even tarpon or permit, the Abel 9/10N drops almost a quarter of an ounce from the regular Super 10 Large Arbor while retaining every bit of Abel's legendary build quality and performance. Machined in the USA from a solid block of aerospace-grade 6061-T651 aluminum, the Abel Super Series 9/10N is a gorgeous fly reel with the power and precision to back up its looks. Frame, spool, drag knob and foot machined from solid, cold-finished 6061-T651 aerospace aluminum Teflon-sealed, ISO- and FAA-certified Aircraft Bearings for reliable performance and corrosion resistance Compatible with Abel Super Series standard-arbor spools (sold separately) Natural cork drag Double Pawl System for instant engagement Made in the USA .

Store: Vail Valley Anglers Brand: Abel Price: USD 865.00

Abel Super Reel 4N- Large Arbor
Description: Supremely low weight, superior strength and fast, easy retrieval make the Abel Super 4N Large Arbor Reel a great choice for your lightweight four- or five-weight setup. The narrow frame, large-arbor design of the 4N recovers faster with less finger wrapping needed, and makes a huge difference when a big trout or young steelhead runs in your direction. To maintain balance with the latest super-light rods, Abel ports the spool not only on the sides, but in the center as well to keep weight as low as possible while maintaining rigidity. The Super 4N features a chassis (foot, spool, and frame) machined from a solid block of cold-finished 6061-T651 aerospace aluminum, with Teflon-sealed high-precision aircraft bearings and a Portugese cork drag for superior reliability and proven performance. Like every Abel reel, the Super 4N Large Arbor Reel is machined and assembled entirely in the United States. Machined from cold-finished 6061-T651 aerospace aluminum Ported throughout for weight reduction Teflon-sealed bearings for corrosion resistance and maintenance-free operation Portugese cork drag for reliable, proven performance Dual pawl system for instant engagement Compatible with Abel standard arbor spools (sold separately) Made in the USA .

Store: Vail Valley Anglers Brand: Abel Price: USD 520.00

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