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Burberry Beauty Nail Polish - No. 203 Storm Grey
Description: Burberry Beauty nail polish features a protective, long-lasting, high-gloss finish with accelerated drying and hardening times so you can get the gorgeous nails you want without having to wait for ages to let them dry. The formula contains strengthening and moisturizing elements, including vitamin B5 and myrrh extract to help protect and care for nails and prevent damage. How to use: The rounded brush design makes applying nail polish a breeze. Apply one to two coats. Nail polish will dry in under 2 minutes and will completely hardening within 6 and a half minutes. Color (s) : no. 100 nude beige, no. 101 nude pink, no. 102 english rose, no. 103 ash rose, no. 104 stone, no. 105 mink, no. 106 dark trench, no. 108 honey, no. 109 camel, no. 201 graphite, no. 202 metallic khaki, no. 203 storm grey, no. 204 khaki, no. 205 khaki green, no. 206 cadet green, no. 220 coral pink, no. 223 pink azalea, no. 299 poppy black, no. 300 military red, no. 301 poppy red, no. 302 polish red, no. 303 oxblood, no. 304 black cherry, no. 306 ruby glitter, no. 400 rose pink, no. 402 hydrangea pink, no. 405 dusty mauve, no. 407 elderberry, no. 410 pale grape, no. 414 bright coral red, no. 415 pale yellow, no. 416 daffodil, no. 418 aqua green, no. 420 sage green, no. 423 dark bottle green, no. 425 ink blue, no. 427 teal blue, no. 429 imperial blue, no. 431 stone blue, no. 440 optic white, no. 445 antique gold, no. 451 gold glitter, no. 453 silver glitter, no.200 steel grey. Brand: BURBERRY BEAUTY. Style Name: Burberry Beauty Nail Polish. Style Number: 35489.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Burberry Beauty Price: USD 22.00

Men's Canali Geometric Silk Tie, Size Regular - Blue
Description: A smart geometric pattern grids a lustrous silk tie tailored in Italy. Color (s) : navy, red, yellow. Brand: CANALI. Style Name: Canali Geometric Silk Tie. Style Number: 5136320. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Canali Price: USD 160.00

Dior Diorshow Kohl Professional Hold & Intensity Eye Makeup - Smoky Blue 289
Description: Diorshow Kohl Professional Hold and Intensity Eye Makeup is a creamy formula enriched with a soothing ingredient, and features an oversized tip and unprecedented glide for two application techniques. How to use: Apply like a classic kohl on the inner rim of your eye for greater intensity and depth. It can also be applied as a base over the entire mobile eyelid, under eyeshadow for bolder color and professional hold. Color (s) : pearly silver 039, pearly turquoise 379, smoky black 099, smoky blue 289, smoky brown 789, smoky grey 079. Brand: DIOR. Style Name: Dior Diorshow Kohl Professional Hold & Intensity Eye Makeup. Style Number: 1030146. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Dior Price: USD 32.00

Dior '5 Couleurs Couture' Eyeshadow Palette - 156 Femme Fleur
Description: Dior reinvents the 5 Couleurs legend with the Couture Palette that gives free rein to your creativity to achieve custom makeup results. True to the bold color creation from the House of Dior, each harmony explores a unique world of color. It's designed with a central shade, the signature of the palette, and four accessory shades that are used to create a multifaceted look. Each boasts a wide variety of textures and shades with a host of effects ranging from matte and satiny to iridescent and ultra-shimmery. How to use: For a natural look, create a gradation effect using the medium shade on the entire mobile eyelid and the darker shade along the lash line. Highlight with the lightest shade beneath the brow arch and in the inner corner of the eye. For a sophisticated look, apply the lightest shade over the entire mobile eyelid. Contrast with the darker shade in the crease and along the lash line to create structure. Apply the medium shade in the outer corner and draw it out to widen the eyes. Color (s) : 046 golden reflection, 056 bar, 156 femme fleur, 166 victoire, 236 5th & pine, 276 carre bleu, 456 jardin, 556 contraste horizon, 566 versailles, 646 montaigne, 676 candy choc, 746 ambre nuit, 796 cuir cannage, 846 tutu, 876 trafalgar, 96 pied de poule. Brand: DIOR. Style Name: Dior '5 Couleurs Couture' Eyeshadow Palette. Style Number: 466130. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Dior Price: USD 62.00

Burberry Beauty 'Kisses' Lip Gloss - No. 17 Nude Beige
Description: Burberry Beauty Kisses Lip Gloss delivers a hydrating veil of smooth and intense, mirror-like shine. Inspired by delicate Burberry fabrics and reflective mirror and patent finishes, it glides across the lips for a fuller-looking, blossoming effect. It can be effortlessly applied for a subtle, dewy finish or intensified with layers to create a wet-look result. Color (s) : no. 01 ice, no. 05 trench kiss, no. 09 pale nude, no. 101 oxblood, no. 105 redwood, no. 109 military red, no. 113 poppy red, no. 17 nude beige, no. 21 cameo nude, no. 25 nude pink, no. 29 tulip pink, no. 33 fondant pink, no. 37 blossom, no. 41 pearl rose, no. 45 sugar pink, no. 49 city pink, no. 53 pink mist, no. 57 mallow pink, no. 61 bright rose, no. 65 coral rose, no. 69 apricot pink, no. 73 melon, no. 77 tangerine, no. 81 vermilion, no. 85 antique rose, no. 89 rose blush, no. 93 rosewood, no. 97 plum pink. Brand: BURBERRY BEAUTY. Style Name: Burberry Beauty 'Kisses' Lip Gloss. Style Number: 1166165. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Burberry Beauty Price: USD 29.00

Men's Canali Solid Silk Tie, Size Regular - Blue
Description: A crisp, understated texture marks a fine Italian-made tie cut from pure silk. Color (s) : mid blue. Brand: CANALI. Style Name: Canali Solid Silk Tie. Style Number: 5298964. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Canali Price: USD 160.00

Jouer Hydrating Lipstick - Lola
Description: With a sensationally smooth, soft finish and powerful moisturizing properties of Brazil's cupuacu butter, Jouer Hydrating lipstick keeps lips protected and nourished with enduring, beautiful coverage. A perfect balance of beauty and treatment. How to use: Begin by applying a lip definer to your lips, then apply lipstick directly from the tube. Color (s) : amelie, ava, doris, dusty, elizabeth, gigi, grace, julie, kate, kiki, lana, lola, meg, meredith, monique, nicole, olivia, sarah, simone, sophia, valerie, whitney. Brand: Jouer. Style Name: Jouer Hydrating Lipstick. Style Number: 586521. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Jouer Price: USD 24.00

Men's David Donahue 'Ryan' Classic Fit Plaid Wool Suit
Description: Handsome tonal plaid marks a rich suit fashioned from super 150s Italian wool and featuring flat-front trousers paired with a two-button, notch-lapel jacket. Color (s) : navy. Brand: DAVID DONAHUE. Style Name: David Donahue 'Ryan' Classic Fit Plaid Wool Suit. Style Number: 5158441. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: David Donahue Price: USD 895.00

Women's Maternal America Tie Front Maternity Dress, Size Small - Blue
Description: A super-soft knit top meets a lustrous woven skirt to comprise a stylish color-blocked dress finished with a bump-enhancing sash at the Empire waist. Color (s) : black/ mustard paisley, black/ white stripes, hibiscus print, navy paisley print, navy stripes, navy zig zag, navy/ denim dot, navy/ mustard tapestry, pastel ziggy. Brand: Maternal America. Style Name: Maternal America Tie Front Maternity Dress. Style Number: 289350. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Maternal America Price: USD 148.80

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