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Award-Winning Snacks
Description: It's true: Any lovingly crafted, mouthwateringly tasty food is an award-winner in our book. (Seriously, every one of our makers deserves a gold star.) But some standout goodies earn extra-special top marks from expert industry tastemakers: the Good Food Awards and the Specialty Food Association's sofi awards. When we're feeling a little fancy at Mouth HQ, we like to dig into a super celebrity snack sesh. So we've assembled some of the best for you in one awesome gift bag. Pop open smoky pickled okra (a double winner!) . Make cocktails and homemade soda so much better with a super-flavorful syrup. Spread not-too-sweet jam onto gorgeous crackers. Enjoy every last individually wrapped caramel; a stellar handcrafted chocolate bar; and the most tender, flavorful cookies. You're a winner in our book if you treat yourself to these showstoppers. Also makes a great gift for your favorite self-proclaimed foodie! DID YOU KNOW? The products that win Good Food Awards not only taste great, but they also meet super high standards: Makers who seek out local, organic ingredients. Makers who invest in employees and their communities. Makers who care about process. Winning foods and drinks are selected through a blind taste test. And the finalists and winners of the Specialty Food Association's sofi awards are considered the best in 5 tenets of good food: quality, innovation, ingredient profile, packaging and pricing. It's all about the craft, the care, and the joy behind indie food.

Store: Mouth Brand: Mouth Price: USD 84.50

Bacon Me Crazy
Description: Oooooh bacon. What can we say that hasn't been said? Crispy, salty, smoky. A little sweet. Pure decadence. It is the stuff that culinary dreams are made of and the savior of many an otherwise-meh dish. And, in case you haven't heard, it goes with everything! Go whole hog with this sizzling collection of small-batch goodies, from our best-selling bacon toffee popcorn and a rich bacon mayo, savory bacon jam and salty sweet milk chocolate studded with bacon. And go extra crazy with a bacon caramel corn that's got a little cayenne kick, crispy kettle-fried pork skins and, last but not least, the best dry cured, cherry wood-smoked maple bacon from heritage breed pigs in Colorado. Perfect for a swine and cheese party, these also make a tasty, witty delivery for anyone who you want to send to pig heaven.

Store: Mouth Brand: Mouth Price: USD 75.50

Battenkill Brittle
Description: Vermont is our happy place. We love everything about the Green Mountain state - cows, maples, rugged footwear. And, of course, awesome snacking. Made in Arlington by Leslie Kielson, Battenkill Brittle isn't the sticky, buttery sweet, nutty stuff you snacked at Grandma's (no offense Grandma) . Battenkill is addictive and delicious! Full of seeds and superfoods, it's more than food - it's fuel. Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds are sweetened lightly with brown rice syrup and Vermont maple syrup to create the perfect snack. We could munch on this all day, dreaming of Mount Mansfield and Lake Champlain. tip of the tongue Battenkill's site is full of quotes from farmers and fellow outdoors-y types who swear by the brittle's ability to deliver a supercharged energy boost. Keep a stash around at all times and give your body a dose whenever you're feeling run down. Or just snack on it because it tastes good, that's OK too.

Store: Mouth Brand: Battenkill Brittle Price: USD 5.00

Birthday In A Bag
Description: There can be a lot of pressure to find the perfect birthday gift. Whether you don't know what they want, or the birthday person just has very selective taste, you want to give them something that really takes the cake. After all, they've been around the sun one too many times to tolerate another slice of that stuff. The celebrator is sure to find something they like in this Birthday In A Bag, bursting with distinctive delectables they probably wouldn't splurge on for themselves and maybe didn't even know existed: dreamy fruit chews, sticky caramel corn, maple-roasted nuts, fluffy marshmallow cookie sandwiches and sparkly pate de fruit. Or, mark the passage of time with Birthday In A Big Bag, packed with all of the above, plus bright wildflower honey, crunchy small-batch pickles, tender cookies and real-fruit rock candies. The party's in the bag. Surprise! And congrats to you (or your iCal) for remembering! Though we're more than happy to add the word belated for the calendar-challenged gift givers.

Store: Mouth Brand: Mouth Price: USD 65.50

Bowled Over
Description: When we first saw the amazing color-blocked wooden bowls made by Willful, we were bowled over. We just had to fill them up. With something crunchy. Something salty. Something totally addictive. This is an all-inclusive munch-time collection, including the beautiful trio of bowls and a triple-threat of indie snacks: crispy skin-on potato chips that make it tough to go back to the mass-produced, buttery cashews roasted in maple syrup and sea salt, and spectacular mini popcorn sprinkled with white truffle-infused oil and actual white truffle (yes!) . Araya Jensen of Willful in Minnesota crafts the bowls from solid beech, walnut and cherry wood, then hand dips them in rubber paint for a modern banded effect that looks just as great for movie nights on the couch as it does for hors d'oeuvre spreads on the dining room sideboard.

Store: Mouth Brand: Mouth Price: USD 116.50

Breakfast in Bed
Description: Eyes open and as soon as the blanket rustles, frantic clanging and clinking is heard from the hallway. The door swings wide and a carefully-arranged tray is proudly presented. What is it about an already-brewed hot mug of coffee and the crinkling of handmade cards that makes a Mom, or Dad, or any loved one, so very, very...pleased? Make them even pleased-ier, with Breakfast In Bed, Mouth-style. Indie coffee, granolas, spreads, treats. This is also an ideal gift for birthdays and anniversaries, or any time you just want to say a big thank you! Handwritten notes available. Homemade drawing not included.

Store: Mouth Brand: Mouth Price: USD 74.50

Brooklyn Gin
Description: Brooklyn Gin is made with only fresh, hand-cut citrus peel and juniper berries, cracked by hand to preserve the super-flavorful essential oils. This method requires a lot of manual labor, but it's apparently worth it, because the result is fresh, vibrant, citrus-forward flavor. The folks at Brooklyn Gin buy their produce from local Brooklyn markets and make the neutral base spirit with 100% corn grown in upstate New York. It takes them three days to make just 300 bottles. Now that's small-batch! tip of the tongue Gin is almost always mixed into a cocktail, but Brooklyn Gin also tastes great by itself. The gorgeous bottle honoring our favorite borough is especially gift-worthy. Did you know? Gin can be infused with a wide variety of botanicals, but it MUST contain juniper berries, which are responsible for that distinct, piney, gin-y flavor.

Store: Mouth Brand: Brooklyn Gin Price: USD 54.00

Brooklyn Spirit
Description: Brooklyn has become a culinary destination. (You know this, you're not living under a rock.) But you might not know that the borough Mouth calls home is also a hotbed of indie distilling! The Mouth Indie Spirits and Wine Gallery is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn, right around the corner from our office and warehouse. So of course, we have been thrilled to find many outstanding homegrown spirits, so many that we just had to put together this spirited collection in honor of drinking local. We hope you someday find your way across the Williamsburg, Manhattan or Brooklyn bridges, to visit us at the Gallery, but until then just order this collection (hint: pairs really well with these Brooklyn-made snacks and sweets.)

Store: Mouth Brand: Mouth Price: USD 174.50

Brunch in a Bag
Description: We love brunch. We love going out for brunch, we love having people over for brunch. And, let's be honest here, mostly we love being invited for brunch. Roll out of bed and out the door and someone feeds you something delicious. We created this taster in honor of all the best brunches. You can send this to someone who needs a Sunday morning break (including yourself) . You can bring this as a hostess gift, if you're lucky enough to be invited out. It's got a great mix of our morning favorites: coffee to get things started, a perfect bloody mary with a pickle for stirring, fabulous granola, jam, and sweet honey maple cream. Weekend paper not included.

Store: Mouth Brand: Mouth Price: USD 94.50

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