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Beginner's Yoga Media Kit
Description: Use our Beginner's Yoga Media Kit to get started with yoga and become a yogi in no time. This kit includes 3 full-length DVDs, 8 Essential Pose Cards, 40-page Beginner's Pose Guide, and 30 days of free online classes, a $55 value! The DVDs include Beginner's Yoga, A.M./P.M. Yoga, and Targeted Yoga. Learn gentle, smart start, and stress relief yoga with the Beginner's Yoga DVD. Strengthen, balance, and revitalize your mind and body with the A.M./P.M. Yoga DVD, bringing you through three yoga practices for morning, day, and night. Increase flexibility and build a strong core with the Targeted Yoga DVD. The Essential Pose Cards range from your basic downwards dog to your relaxation pose, visually showing the pose and explaining the sequence and its benefits. The Beginner's Pose Guide Book takes you through the importance and history of yoga, then into a detailed guide of your poses with a free months membership to My Yoga Online, which includes unlimited videos in all styles, levels, and lengths for your computer, TV, or mobile device. Made exclusively by Gaiam. Beginner's Yoga Media Kit Features: Over 300 minutes of yoga practices with 3 full-length DVDs 8 Essential Pose Cards with visual representations, explanations, and benefits 40 Page Beginner's Pose Guide with the yoga history and detailed poses 30 Day Free Trial of online yoga classes with My Yoga Online Made Exclusively by Gaiam A $55 value

Store: Gaiam Brand: Gaiam Price: USD 18.97

Therapeutic Knee Brace
Description: Boost range of motion and get extra support for joints affected by sprains, arthritis and tendonitis. The patented organic germanium bamboo charcoal blend in the inner weave produces negative ions that prove almost instant pain relief and support healthy circulation for natual healing. Braces are antimicrobial, odor absorbing and moisture wicking for comfortable all-day wear. Imported. Therapeutic Knee Brace Features: Increases range of motion Fits left or right knee Adds extra support for joints Works on sprains, arthritis and tendonitis Inner weave made with a patented organic germanium bamboo charcoal blend Produces negative ions that provide almost instant pain relief Enhances circulation for natural healing Antimicrobial, odor absorbing and moisture wicking Comfortable to wear all day long

Store: Gaiam Brand: Incrediwear Price: USD 39.00

Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga DVD
Description: Warrior Yoga features a complementary yoga mix of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and flexibility in a vigorous yoga exercise experience. Suitable for all levels of yoga. Total run time: 70 minutes. Click to view Trudie Styler's entire DVD collection. Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga DVD Features: Two total body-strengthening workouts on one DVD Features yoga, ballet, and Pilates-based exercises Improves tone and flexibility Includes a BONUS meditation sequence, interviews, and a lifestyle segment discussing Trudie's environmentally-friendly home

Store: Gaiam Brand: Gaiam Price: USD 14.98

Jillian Michaels One Week Shred DVD
Description: Need to crash your weight loss for a special upcoming event-high school reunion, wedding, party, beach vacation in a bikini, etc. Jillian Michaels ' new DVD One Week Shred has you covered. It's a comprehensive one-week diet and exercise plan to help you lose those last few stubborn pounds you've been dying to shed so you look insane and feel amazing. To get the best results in a one-week period, Jillian will push you through two 30-minute workouts a day. You will start with a Strength workout in the morning and complete a Cardio workout in the evening. One Week Shred also offers a custom meal plan so you have all the tools you need to get the rockin' body you've always wanted. Click to view Jillian Michaels' entire DVD collection.

Store: Gaiam Brand: Gaiam Price: USD 14.98

Buff Moms DVD
Description: From the creator of Buff Fitness, this DVD offers three incredible cardio segments and a tummy toners / hips stretch segment are a sure way to get your buff mom body back after baby. Recommended props: chair, mat and hand weights. 45 minutes. USA. Geared toward new mothers who have little time but want to recover a slimmer, more toned figure, Buff Moms postnatal exercise DVD provides this total body cardio answer. It's a complete postnatal muscle-sculpting workout filled with low-impact cardio drills to help new moms get back on track to a lighter, more energetic body. Buff Moms will Experience: Cardio Groove & Tone 1 Simple, unique cardio drills and dynamic total body conditioning exercises blended together to tone up and stretch out! Cardio Groove & Tone 2 Easy to follow calorie burning cardio drills plus lower body exercises that will help you look great and keep up with the kids! Cardio Groove & Tone 3 Build stamina and burn fat with a fun, athletic cardio routine that focuses on upper body and abdominal work to whittle away your waist, hips and thighs! Tummy Toners & Hip Stretch Rid yourself of that baby belly! Target tone your abdominals and lower body through a unique combination of exercises that quickly shape and firm where you need it most. Finish with a relaxing stretch to re-energize you for your day!

Store: Gaiam Brand: Gaiam Price: USD 14.98

Honeydew Premium Yoga Mat (5mm)
Description: Our Honeydew Premium Yoga Mat provides superior cushion without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Made specifically for Ashtanga and power yogas, this extra thick mat supports your body while the textured non-slip surface ensures a stable pose. Manufactured free of the top six most harmful phthalates, this mat is a healthy choice for both you and the planet. Honeydew Premium Yoga Mat Features: Extra thick non-slip surface Perfect for Ashtanga or power yoga Made exclusively by Gaiam Need help finding your perfect mat? Use our Yoga Mat Finder tool. Each mat comes with our Lifetime Mat Guarantee and a FREE yoga practice video download code.

Store: Gaiam Brand: Gaiam Price: USD 29.98

Cotton Yoga Strap 6'
Description: We can all use a little help to get deeper into certain poses and stretches, that's where the Cotton Yoga Strap 6' comes in. Reach limbs more easily and hold poses and stretches for longer with a strap. If you're serious about deepening your practice and taking it to the next level, it's time to get serious about using a strap. Cotton Yoga Strap Features: Deepens stretches Improves flexibility Allows you to maintain poses for a longer period of time

Store: Gaiam Brand: Gaiam Price: USD 6.98

Pilates Tone and Burn DVD
Description: Pilates Tone and Burn DVD Features: Drop those unwanted pounds fast with three workouts designed to burn fat and give you a slender, sleek look. With all three workouts on one DVD, you have everything you need to discover how Pilates can help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss (60 minutes) Slow down a little and learn how to integrate mind, body and breath while strengthening core muscles. This program focuses on muscle isolation, breath awareness and proper Pilates form so you can make the most of each session. Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss (30 minutes) Continue your weight loss success with this high-intensity program designed to keep the pounds from creeping back. This workout keeps your heart rate elevated to burn more calories and sculpt long, lean muscles. Cardio Pilates (50 minutes) Get more calorie-burning power out of your Pilates workout with this cardio-based method. This invigorating fusion of classic Pilates movements and fat-burning cardio exercises delivers faster results than traditional Pilates alone.

Store: Gaiam Brand: Gaiam Price: USD 14.98

No Slip Yoga Towel
Description: Our No Slip Yoga Towel's microfiber surface absorbs sweat and dries quickly, while the non-slip rubber backing sticks securely to your mat and offers your feet and hands superior grip during heated practices. This towel can also be used in place of a standard mat while traveling. No Slip Yoga Towel Features: Non-slip backing sticks securely to your mat Helps maintain your balance without slipping Microfiber surface absorbs moisture quickly

Store: Gaiam Brand: Gaiam Price: USD 29.98

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