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Blackburn Canber UD Carbon Cage Matte Black/Black, One Size
Description: Blackburn understands that we want to save weight wherever we can. Its sleek-looking Canber UD Carbon Cage uses unidirectional fibers to offer a claimed weight savings of between 11 and 17 grams when compared to steel and alloy cages. The Canber's rib cage design keeps the bottle secure, while its flared opening offers you quick and easy access, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Blackburn Price: USD 49.99

Six Six One Dirt Lid Helmet Shiny Black, One Size
Description: Almost iconic now, the skater style Six Six One Dirt Lid Helmet uses a foam inner and hard plastic shell keep your brains from going on display. It has nine vents to cool your head, while multiple pads allow you to fine tune the Lid's fit. The pads wick perspiration and work with the venting to help keep you cool. The Six Six One Dirt Lid comes in ten colors and one size.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Six Six One Price: USD 29.95

Birzman Velocity Apogee MTB Mini Pump Black, 180mm
Description: The Birzman Velocity Apogee MTB Mini Pump may be small, but it packs a portable punch that most other pack-sized or frame-mounted pumps can't. It features the same CNC-machined aluminum construction as Birzman's full-sized floor pumps, with a polished finish and grippy details on the bottom and the handle. The extendable QR Hose slides into the barrel and extends quickly with a single pump, and the twisting Snap-It Apogee makes the Velocity quickly and easily compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves. The Velocity also features Birzman's Air Lock design, which means it works as a shock pump so you can adjust your fork while you're on the trail. The included bracket makes for easy frame mounting.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Birzman Price: USD 39.95

Lizard Skins DSP Grip 30.3mm Blue, One Size
Description: Lock-on grips rewrote the book on attaching mountain bike grips to handlebars, but they have drawbacks. One of which is weight, the other is unequal pinching from the clamps. And, in this day and age of fragile carbon bars, that can create serious problems down the road. Lizard Skins, however, have addressed those issues with the DSP 30. 3mm Grip. They use a unique tape technology to securely attach the ultra-light DSP grip to handlebars. It takes a matter of seconds to apply the tape and slide the grips on, the only thing you need is window cleaner that's used much like the classic hairspray approach. And, like hairspray, you do need to wait for it to dry before riding. Lizard Skins attachment isn't the only innovative feature of the DSP grips. Their exclusive DuraSoft Polymer provides an unmatched level of shock absorption and control. The Lizard Skins DSP 30. 3mm Grips come in eight colors and are 130mm wide.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Lizard Skins Price: USD 30.00

Lezyne Femto Drive Front Light Blue/Hi Gloss, One Size
Description: Sometimes being seen is more important than illuminating your own path--think of early-morning urban commuting--so Lezyne designed the work-of-art Femto Drive Front Light to let motorists know you're coming. The LED bulb puts out 15 lumens of steady or flashing illumination, courtesy of two replaceable CR2303 batteries, and the CNC-machined aluminum body keeps rain and spray out while looking like something you'd find on a classic Italian scooter. The stretchy silicone-rubber strap connects easily to bars and stems, and is a breeze to pop off for security if you're leaving your ride outside for a hot minute.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Lezyne Price: USD 14.99

Chris King NoThreadSet Tapered Headset w/ Griplock Gold, 1.125/1.5
Description: You can look at a bike and tell how much the owner loves it by the headset, and King headsets are reserved for our most precious bikes. Chris King makes all of its bearings in-house, which guarantees their roundness and hardness, and then assembles each headset by hand from a stock of components. This particular headset is designed for frames with a tapered head tube (34mm to 49mm, and a fork with a tapered 1. 5-1. 125in steerer. It will also accept a straight 1. 125in steerer with King's Reducer Baseplate, available separately.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Chris King Price: USD 169.95

Brooks England B17 Standard Saddle - Men's Apple Green, One Size
Description: Urban cycling (like cycling in general, to be fair) is all about blending form with function, and nobody does that better than Brooks England. Its B17 Standard Men's Saddle is the epitome of this design philosophy, and Brooks has been making it for over 100 years, so it's not surprising that the company has the B17 pretty much dialed. The full-grain leather cover helps keep the saddle from overheating on warm days, and is designed to conform slowly to your anatomy over long periods of riding, so you'll end up with a nearly custom fit after a few months. The B17's steel rails are strong and absorb road vibrations, and the saddle's wide tail and abrupt taper help provide a solid pedaling platform while eliminating rubbing and discomfort.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Brooks England Price: USD 145.00

MiiR Growler Black, 64oz
Description: The ample 64oz MiiR Growler offers you the most charitable way to transport your beverages. While the Growler features more than a day's worth of insulating capabilities and a convenient pouring top with easy access, MiiR also includes an impact bracelet with each purchase, which allows you to track the implementation of an actual water project that's designed to provide clean water to one person for one year. One Growler equals one project and a benevolent way to say cheers.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: MiiR Price: USD 59.00

Light & Motion GoBe 500 Spot Flashlight White/Grey Body-Blue Head, One Size
Description: Light & Motion designed its GoBe 500 Spot Flashlight to go anywhere, whether you're on foot, on your trusty singlespeed, or filming a whale underwater. Engineered with Cree LED lighting in a 20-degree angle, the GoBe provides the perfect lighting for city commutes, dark trails, and black waters. The GoBe is waterproof down to nearly four hundred feet, so feel free to follow that whale for as long as you can hold your breath. Three modes give you the ideal amount of light, and the battery recharges from any USB port.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Light & Motion Price: USD 199.00

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