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Pirelli MT66 Route Tire Combo
Description: The MotoSport.com Pirelli MT66 Route Tire Combo includes ONE Front and ONE Rear Pirelli MT66 Route tire in your choice of sizes with the following features:Dedicated to custom, cruiser and touring motorcycles, this tire ensures excellent comfort, easy steering and high mileage.Excellent ride comfort even at full load thanks to the specific carcass materials.High mileage and excellent performance on any kind of road surface thanks to the tread's very deep grooves.Modern pattern, with deep channels improving ride stability.Optimized profile and tread pattern for ease of maneuverability, great stability in rolling and easy steering.Four highly resistant nylon fabrics provide maximum resistance to all stresses so you can ride comfort in all load conditions.Compound with high adherence and reinforcing elements gives better balance between adherence and mileage for an excellent cost / benefit ratio.Some models H-rated for speeds up to 130 MPH, some models S-rated for speeds up to 112 MPH.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Pirelli Price: USD 432.98

Pirelli Night Dragon Tire Combo
Description: The MotoSport.com Pirelli Night Dragon Tire Combo includes ONE Front and ONE Rear Pirelli Night Dragon tire with the following features:Where performance meets the road: a specific tire for high-performance Harley-DavidsonA (R) and custom motorcycles. Better adherence, road holding and look than standard tires for custom / cruiser motorcycles. Designed for custom motorcyclists that need tires with high performance on the straight and inclining, but with excellent grip and a higher mileage.Excellent performance and great fun to ride with a good balance between reliability and life of the tire.Optimized for the new V-twin engines with more power and higher torque.EPT technology of sporting derivation to optimize the area of contact in order to ensure great stability at high speeds and lightning acceleration.DOT approved.Tire technologies:EPT: Optimization of the profile, structure and tread pattern for 8% more contact area, thus more power transmitted to the ground.New full / empty ratio for more tread on the ground, improving safety and grip even in the wet leading to traction and adherence on all surfaces.New structure is resistant but not too rigid, deformable and flexible but not elastic for easy steering.Technical data:The Contact Patch is the Key Element in Delivering Maximum Product Performance: New dimension, new shape, allows use of more durable compounds with increased levels of grip, 10% larger contact patch.New Structure. The Ideal Balance Between Stiffness and Flexibility: New front and rear profile, supports the bike at every lean angle, optimized pressure distribution on the contact patch, unbeatable dampening properties, best pressure distribution, high level of riding comfort.How to Deliver the Power to the Ground: Grooves concentrated exactly where needed, ideal balance between style and performance.Aggressive Directional Tread Design: Tread grooves layout optimized to ensure uniform and quick warm up, stability and traction.New Sea / Land Balance: Compact tread design maximizes the contact patch, more rubber on the ground to ensure traction and grip in every situation, drainage.Wet or Dry: The Emotion Never Ends: Front tire tread designed to cut water layer, clearing the tarmac for rear tread, the calibrated grooves between rear center section and edges of the rear effectively disperse the residual water, structure keeps tread grooves open in dynamic conditions.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Pirelli Price: USD 662.98

Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 Tire Combo
Description: The MotoSport.com Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 Tire Combo includes ONE Front and ONE Rear Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tire with the following features:Experience Pirelli technology from Word Superbike. The Diablo Rosso II is the sportiest and most versatile road-oriented tire of the Rosso Generation. The Diablo Rosso II is Pirelli's newest supersport radial for all riding conditions, including the wet.Bi-Compound rear tire combining long lasting mileage with excellent grip.Feature Pirelli's patented EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology) , matched with a three-zone dual compound rear, optimizes the contact patch for high-grip compound on the road and on the track.Pure racetrack performance combined with the comfort and predictability you expect from a high-performance street tire.Functional Groove Design (FGD) to optimize wet behavior.Grip is enhanced even further by EPT ( Enhanced Patch Technology) developed in the WSBK.A maximum contact patch area is due in part to an ICS (Integrated Contour Shaping) technology, complimenting handling and power of today's modern motorcycles.Feature the aggressive Rosso tread design.Tubless (TL) . (W) -rated for speeds of 168+ mph.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Pirelli Price: USD 423.98

Pirelli Sport Demon Tire Combo
Description: The Pirelli Sport Demon Tire Combo includes one Front and one Rear Pirelli Sport Demon tire:A safe and reliable tire in all riding situations, with a particularly favorable cost / quality ratio suitable for Sport Touring motorcycles.Uniform and progressive performance in all riding conditions thanks to the rear multi-radius profile.High grip on wet and dry surfaces with excellent mileage.Multiple radius profile: fast changes in direction and foreseeable maneuvers - easy steering.Tread compound with reinforcing elements: high mileage and balanced adherence in the wet - excellent cost / benefit ratio.Highly resistant nylon carcass: great load absorption capacity - a comfortable ride.DOT approved.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Pirelli Price: USD 402.98

Pirelli Angel GT Tire Combo
Description: The MotoSport.com Pirelli Angel GT Tire Combo includes ONE Front and ONE Rear Pirelli Angel GT tire with the following features:Pirelli Tires, based in Italy, is a recognized pioneer in the production of tires for motorcycles, with a wide range of solutions designed to achieve the highest performance and comfort on all roads and in all weather conditions. Pirelli's long experience in the industry, their unflagging commitment to continual research and development, and their extensive worldwide reach enable them to reach the top level with every single product they make.The longest-lasting Sport Touring tire: 100% Italian Gran Turismo.The ideal tire for travelers using the bike for long road trips, with side bags and passenger, looking for safety on wet, stability and mileage.The evolution of the Angel (TM) ST, stretching the concept of Sport Touring into Gran Turismo, bringing the sporty attitude to a wider range of usage conditions and for longer distances.The new reference for mileage in Sport Touring tires.Excellent performance and grip in wet conditions.Incredible handling capabilities, typical of the Pirelli DNA.Performance consistency until the end of tire's life.Bi-compound.Tubeless.W-rated for speeds of 168+ MPH.The Angel GT ""A Spec"" Rear is a 2-ply re-enforced carcass design for heavy sport touring bike models.Tire Details:Bi-compound: Differentiated behavior of the tire for extra mileage and excellent grip on wet surfaces.Innovative profile: Uniform contact patch area for improved wear regularity and extended mileage.Evolved tread pattern: Efficient water dispersal provides a confidence-inspiring feeling on wet surfaces.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Pirelli Price: USD 511.98

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2 Tire Combo
Description: The MotoSport.com Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2 Tire Combo includes ONE Front and ONE Rear Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2 tire with the following features:Original equipment on the Ducati Panigale, the new SP Version 2 Diablo Supercorsa features the same tread design used in the 2012 World Superstock 1000 championship. High modulus fiber carcass offers a lower deformation ratio and makes the entire structure stiffer to allow a better synergy between compounds and tire carcass. Single Element Tread Pattern permits a 24% larger slick shoulder area (vs. previous Diablo Supercorsa) , increasing contact area and grip and wear regularity. New compounds offer great balance of mileage and grip in an ultra-high-performance product. The rear tire uses Pirelli's patented EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology) matched with a tri-zone compound that helps optimize the contact patch for improved grip and handling.The ultimate emotion for road and racetrack. A tire derived from racing also effective on the road, suitable for use on the racetrack and on the road for motorcycles with very high top speeds.Road and racetrack use on the same tire; racetrack performance delivered with a fully street legal tire.Bi-compound rear which combines grip, stability and better mileage.Innovative and exclusive Pirelli patented high-modulus carcass fiber.Tubeless.W-rated for speeds of 168+ MPH.Tire Details:WSBK-derived materials and structure: Low carcass deformation ratio provided increased agility and intuitive handling.Bi-compound rear: Differentiated behavior of the tire for extreme grip at lean combined with high-speed straight-line stability.Single groove tread pattern: Larger slick area on shoulder for increased grip.Long longitudinal groove: Better wear regularity gives reliable performance consistency.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Pirelli Price: USD 670.98

Pirelli MT16 Tire Combo
Description: The MotoSport.com Pirelli MT16 Tire Combo includes ONE Front and ONE Rear Pirelli MT16 Tire with the following features:Off-Road and Multi-Purpose - The perfect all-around tire with great durability.High level of grip, even with worn edges.Designed to provide traction on a wide range of surfaces.Long life makes it a perfect choice for weekend and competition riders.Front and Rear off-road pressure range - Minimum: 10 PSI / Maximum: 13 PSI.Front is DOT approved, Rear is NHS*.* All NHS (Not for Highway Service) motorcycle tires are only for pure racing and cannot be legally used on public roads. Therefore there is no official homologation.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Pirelli Price: USD 244.98

Pirelli Night Dragon 130/60B23 Front Tire
Description: A unique premium tire for riders demanding grip performance and forceful style that meets suspension demands of today's V-Twins High performance comes from the exclusive design of its contact patch, the new shape and larger dimension allows the use of new compounds that provide pressure distribution and unmatched riding comfort The tread groove pattern ensures efficient draining in wet riding conditions Night Dragon's front tread cuts a path through water for the rear and the rear tire's cavorted grooves disperse the residual water for controlled grip in all conditions H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Pirelli Price: USD 255.99

Pirelli MT75 100/80-16 Front Tire
Description: Modern, aggressive tread pattern for a high level of dry and wet eather performance Excellent handling, superior grip and traction in corners and good mileage T rated for speeds up to 118 mph

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Pirelli Price: USD 115.99

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