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Mally Beauty Volumizing Waterproof Mascara
Description: Back before she founded Mally Beauty, celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal had to MacGyver the perfect mascara for photo shoots. Her amazing beauty feat involved mascara from Italy, black pigments from Japan, and a diamond-cut lash comb from Paris. (Talk about a lot of frequent-flyer miles.) Now, she's combined the essence of those ingredients into one product. This clump-free waterproof mascara lifts and plumps lashes, leaving them long and luscious-even when you laugh until you cry from watching Bridesmaids for the 57th time.

Store: Birchbox US Brand: Mally Beauty Price: USD 20.00

Mally Beauty Ginormous Mascara
Description: When it comes to our lashes, we don't want small, medium, or large: We want bigger than big. Celeb makeup artist Mally Roncal (who regularly works with Beyonce-need we say more?) gets that. That's why she created a mascara that gives lashes oodles of volume-no lash glue or falsies required. The mascara's specially designed applicator wand has a cut-out reservoir on each side so no lash is left behind. Ginormous, it turns out, is just right.

Store: Birchbox US Brand: Mally Beauty Price: USD 20.00

Mally Beauty 5 pc High Shine Lip Treats
Description: This grown-up lip gloss set from celeb makeup artist Mally Roncal puts even our most lustrous middle school beauty faves to shame. The colors are sheer yet vivid, and the finish is the paragon of mirror shine. But what we're really obsessed with is the flavors: Cherry Bomb, Gum Drop, Peach Frizz, Passion Fruit, and Candied Berry. If only we still had our trusty Caboodle to store these in

Store: Birchbox US Brand: Mally Beauty Price: USD 35.00

Mally Beauty Mally's Look
Description: In 15+ years of working as a makeup artist to the stars, Mally Roncal has designed as many different looks as there are lashes in a set of falsies (so, a lot) -but she still plays favorites. This five-piece collection represents one of her signature styles, and luckily, you don't need a pros help to apply it. Mally's focus on high-performing formulas and pretty pigments is front and center in this collection. Each kit contains: one Mally's Glow blush (a soft pink) and one Mally's Glow eye shadow (a shimmering bronze) , one Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight, a tube of Volumizing Mascara, and a High-Shine Liquid Lipstick Pen in Perfois Peach.

Store: Birchbox US Brand: Mally Beauty Price: USD 40.00

Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender
Description: A hero can take many forms: your amazing mom, that tough-but-effective teacher who got you to actually do your homework, or this fearless finishing product that goes by the name of Evercolor Poreless Face Defender (although we think we'll now just refer to it as "The Defender") . This lightweight formula minimizes the look of pores and fine lines, leaving you with a long-lasting, flawless finish. It also expertly sets makeup, saving you the hassle of reapplying throughout the day.

Store: Birchbox US Brand: Mally Beauty Price: USD 40.00

Mally Beauty Instant Impact Mascara
Description: Given we have the willpower to pass on a third cupcake (most of the time) , we think we should at least be able to enjoy a little instant gratification in our makeup routine. With a quick sweep of the applicator brush, this jet-black mascara makes lashes look fuller, longer, and more voluminous. And thanks to a formula that combines natural waxes and setting powders, we don't have to worry about smudging, flaking, or clumping for the rest of the day.

Store: Birchbox US Brand: Mally Beauty Price: USD 20.00

Mally Beauty Ultimate Performance Lip System, Crimson, 1 ea
Description: Mally sUltimate Performance LipSystem is a two-step, full-color system that includes a Lip Liner and a Lip Lacquer that work together to deliver agorgois, full-colorlip that lasts all day. Our lip linerworks to keep your lip color from traveling while the lip lacquer gives youthat luscious, ultra-smooth finish. Ingredients: Lip Liner: Dimethicone, Polyethylene, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Ozokerite, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Caprylyl Trimethicone, Myristyl Trisiloxane, Behenyl Dimethicone/Bis-Vinyldimethicone Crosspolymer, Synthetic Candelilla Wax, Lecithin, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Tocopherol, Propylene Carbonate, Ascorbyl Palmitate,

Store: Brand: Mally Beauty Price: USD 25.00

Mally Beauty Dual Sharpener, Silver, 1 ea
Description: Keep your thick and thin pencils sharp with Mally s Dual Sharpener. And of course, this fab tool will match all the Mally gear you already have in your beauty arsenal! Dual Sharpener, Silver

Store: Brand: Mally Beauty Price: USD 12.50

Mally Beauty 24/7 Instant Erase Concealer Stick/Powder, Medium, 1 kit
Description: The answer to last-minute touch-ups or late-breaking dramas 24/7 Instant Erase concealer is a two-step system that combines the complete coverage of a cream with the flawless, no-budge finish of a powder. The high-performance system looks beautiful, and lasts and lasts. 24/7 Instant Erase Concealer Stick/Powder, Medium

Store: Brand: Mally Beauty Price: USD 35.00

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