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Kiddie Booster Seat
Description: The thick padding on this Child Booster Seat will cushion the child and raise them up about 5 inches. Kiddy Booster Seat is about 18" wide and 10" deep. The seat is a very comfortable place for children to sit. Plus the booster seat features a protective flap to keep feet off of the styling or barber chair. All material is PVC Vinyl.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Keller Price: USD 25.87

All-Purpose Salon Chair
Description: Functionality and classical design make this chair the perfect choice for your salon or barber shop. This highly popular all-purpose chair is wider than normal to provide extra comfort for a variety of clients. It's an ideal chair for hair styling. It reclines making it a perfect combination for hair styling and shampoo sink. This chair is sure to deliver years of performance. Shampoo sink not included.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Keller Price: USD 269.88

Styling Wet Station
Description: This wet station/styling station combo will allow you to organize your salon, maximizing and creating space. The shampoo sink can be mounted on the front of the unit (sink not included) and plumbed through the cabinet. It features a flip-down hard lockable counter over the top of your shampoo bowl for added space. Lockable handle located beneath counter for easy use. Shampoo well located behind sink area to hold hair products while sink is in use and counter top is flipped up. Double doors on the lower cabinet provide spacious storage for towels, shampoos and other supplies. Lower cabinet inside also has one fixed storage shelf. One small drawer and one large drawer will accommodate shears, brushes and other stylist tools. Station comes with three built-in appliance holders for two hot irons and a handheld blow dryer.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Keller Price: USD 522.00

Auto-Recline Shampoo Chair
Description: This design is the industry standard for a shampoo chair. It provides comfort and style while offering the basic needs to fit any shampoo sink. The thick padding and extra wide seat cushions give the customer comfort. The auto reline mechanism is self adjusting as customer sit in the chair for the most convenience and ease the shampoo process.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Keller Price: USD 95.12

Oval Plastic Shampoo Bowl with Vacuum Breaker
Description: This large shampoo sink has an extra-wide and deep bowl to provide more work area. This bowl is made of injection molded plastic, which is tougher and stronger than vacuum-formed bowls. Injection molding ensures solid colors throughout the bowl, which eliminates stains and fading. Sink includes mounting bracket, single handle fixture, strainer assembly with strainer cup and tailpiece, spray hose and shower header. Also includes a vacuum breaker assembly, which is a safety device that is most often required by municipal water codes.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Keller Price: USD 168.87

Salon Styling Chair
Description: Functionality and classic design make this chair the perfect choice for professionals. It is easy to clean. Curved plastic armrests complement the U-shaped footrests, makeing this chair very relaxing for the clients.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Keller Price: USD 186.24

Black Wall Mount Styling Station
Description: This beautiful styling station features one spacious drawer and three handy chrome appliance holders are built-in to the countertop. Station mounts right to the wall to create the perfect combination of function and class in a simple workstation space. Wall station is finished in a black matte laminate.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Keller Price: USD 137.67

Desktop Salon Appliance and Hair Dryer Holder
Description: This stylish yet practical salon appliance holder will help you organize a maximum of six hair care instruments. Uniquely constructed to be portable and versatile and requiring only a small amount of space, this unit is manufactured from heavy, 14-gauge steel and has a textured grey hammer-tone finish. Inserts are high-temperature heat resistant to withstand hot iron temperatures. All appliance holder cavities taper in toward the bottom (the center circle holder has no bottom) . This unit has 4 rubber feet to protect surfaces and prevent sliding during usage. It can also be bolted down using the 2 predrilled holes in the base.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Keller Price: USD 24.77

Simply Thai
Description: Welcome to Simply Thai! We invite you to join us and try out our authentic Thai cuisine. Each dish is prepared to your request using only fresh ingredients and is always cooked to order, when you order, with very generous portions and an artful blending of the five major tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy.

Store: Brand: Keller Price: USD 10.00

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