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River Keel Tri Fin Set
Description: FCS SUP River Keel Tri Fin Set was designed by River SUP Ambassador Charlie MacArthurFCS SUP River Keel Tri Fin Set Features:Soft yet pliant polypropylene constructionIdeal for shallow river & extreme white water SUPLow aspect keel skids over rocksAlso used for softboardsComes in sets of 3 for FCS boxes.

Store: ColoradoKayak.com Brand: Fcs Price: USD 29.95

Adjustable SUP Race Calf Leash
Description: The FCS 12'6""-14' Adjustable SUP calf Leash was designed specifically for racing SUPs and can be used for other SUP surf and flat water applications. Part of the SUP leash is coiled and the rest is a straight leash. It is adjustable in length. The coil serves several purposes. Most importantly, it keeps the leash on top of your SUP at all times, which eliminates unacceptable drag during competition. This FCS SUP racing leash includes an extended overmold on the ankle attachment point that keeps the coil away from your feet and prevents tangling. As with all FCS surfing leashes, an engineered polyurethane cord provides the ultimate combination of strength, stretch, and elasticity. The adjustable rail saver adjust from a length of 1.8' to 3.3', so it will work with almost any size racing or other paddle board.

Store: ColoradoKayak.com Brand: Fcs Price: USD 37.95

Dolphin Soft Flex 6""
Description: The FCS Dolphin Center Fin is a good all-round fin which works well as the center option of a a tri-fin or a single only depending on size and type of board. The base area gives you hold and drive throughout turns, while the tip's smaller area and flex allows easy entry and exit while turning. Perfect for increased safety or as an extra fin, the Dolphin Soft Flex stand up paddleboard fin measures approximately 6 in. and weighs 6.1 oz.Compatible for installation in all US long boxes, found in virtually all stand up paddleboards, with an Allen key screw (Allen key not included)

Store: ColoradoKayak.com Brand: Fcs Price: USD 21.95

FCS Slater Trout SUP Fin, 8.5 in.
Description: Perfect for racing, fun for cruising, fun in waves-made to do everything well, the FCS Slater Trout SUP Fin promises solid tracking with a shallow drift, along with easy maneuverability on a wave or around buoys. . Dual-purpose race and surf fin. Stiff and lightweight carbon skin UL construction. Sheds weed and easily maneuvers around buoys. Includes FCS Smart Screw. Performance Core material and constructiondesigned to deliver the feeling of a traditional fiberglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. RTM (resin transfer molding) process produces a lightweight fin with remarkable flex, a smooth feel, and impressive aesthetic. Length: 8.5 in.

Store: Eastern Mountain Sports Brand: FCS Price: USD 130.00

FCS Longboard Spare Parts Kit
Description: The Longboard Fin Spare Parts Kit from FCS includes all the parts necessary to fix your fin box. FCS Longboard Spare Parts Kit Details: 2 Plastic shims 2 Stainless plates 1 Short screw 1 Long screw 1 Instruction sheet 1 FCS key

Store: ColoradoKayak.com Brand: Fcs Price: USD 5.95

FCS Pancho
Description: The FCS Poncho Toweling Changing Robe is a lightweight synthetic microfiber that will dry you up while keeping you from exposing yourself. Hooded poncho style design, the robe features a private inner pocket for cash, keys or whatever you may need to stash on the beach. The days of driving in soggy clothes are behind you with the Poncho Toweling Changing Robe.FCS Poncho Toweling Changing Robe Features: Microfiber Chamois materialGenerous fit Internal accessory pocket

Store: ColoradoKayak.com Brand: Fcs Price: USD 59.95

FCS M5 Softflex Tri Fin Set
Description: The M5 Softflex tri fin set enhances the safety and durability of your stand up paddleboard and surfboard. Perfect for river SUP, safe surfing and novices, each fin in the M5 Softflex stand up paddleboard tri fin set measures approximately 4.6 in. and weighs 6.1 oz M5 Softflex Tri Fin Set Features: 4.6"" long Weighs 6.1 oz Includes Allen Key Compatible with FCS fin system

Store: ColoradoKayak.com Brand: Fcs Price: USD 39.95

FCS Stainless Steel Screws
Description: Replacement stainless steel surfboard fin screws for standard FCS fittings. Useful to have around for the time when an original gets lost. They are sold in packs of 6.

Store: ColoradoKayak.com Brand: Fcs Price: USD 5.99

FCS Knubster Keel Fin
Description: The FCS Knubster Center Keel can be added to any quad or tri fin setup. It gives you a little bit and a low profile fin option. Many paddlers and surfers will use these as side bites or as a center fin on shorter boards that have FCS boxes. Sold as single fins with single tabs. FCS Knubster Center Keel Specs: Base: 3.82"" Depth: 1.71"" Area: 4.40"" Sweep: 32.0 Foil: Flat.

Store: ColoradoKayak.com Brand: Fcs Price: USD 15.95

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