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Spray Var 11 oz. gloss
Description: Blair Gloss Spray Var varnish represents the ultimate in protection and ease of application for acrylic polymer and oil paintings. Spray Var eliminates the glossy highs and flat lows, providing the even, wet, non-yellowing, just-painted brilliance artists desire. Be sure painting is thoroughly dry before varnishing. Contains no fluorocarbons. Lead free.

Store: Brand: Blair Price: USD 7.51

Spray Clear gloss
Description: Protective finishing spray for art and craft projects. Provides a permanent, protective finish for unglazed ceramics and most crafts. Seals out dirt, tarnish, stains, moisture, and salt spray indoors and out. Use to protect drawings, layouts, tempera, watercolors, prints, and photos. Also seals bisque, plaster, or wood before staining or painting. Use over non-fired stains or other paints before antiquing to provide a more workable surface. Protects silver, brass, copper, and other metals from tarnish, corrosion, or rust. Preserve documents, books, wallet cards, maps, wallpaper, murals, plaques, trophies, and mounted fabric. Waterproofs signs and displays. Fast drying. Contains no fluorocarbons. Lead free.Blair Spray Clear comes in 11.75 oz. spray cans.

Store: Brand: Blair Price: USD 7.34

Maximum Strength Spray Adhesive 11 oz. can
Description: Creates a strong, durable, permanent bond quickly and dependably. Perfectly clear, non-yellowing. Will not wrinkle, lump, stain, or bleed through even thin, quality papers. Especially formulated to meet the exacting needs of the artist. Adhesive is delivered in a super-fine particle mist, enabling smooth, even coverage. Permanent bonding is achieved on a wide range of both porous and non-porous materials: paper, cardstock, wood, glass, metal, acetate, foil, fabric, and more. Use for mounting drawings, art prints, photographs, maps, etc. One can covers approximately 90 sq. ft.

Store: Brand: Blair Price: USD 11.48

Artist's Mounting Adhesive 11 oz. can
Description: Dries clear and resists water, humidity, and heat. Provides a strong bond on a variety of materials and will not bleed through, wrinkle, or curl paper. Use on metal foil, plastic films, foam, felt, cork, cardboard, fiberglass, rubber. Will not attack most foams. Non-yellowing. Permanent/repositionable. No fluorocarbons. Lead free.

Store: Brand: Blair Price: USD 8.57

Very Low Odor Spray Fix 12 oz.
Description: This will not alter technique or affect the surface of the finest art papers when used as directed. Dries in seconds to a matte finish which may be worked over with any art medium. Spray Fix causes the least possible change in delicate tints and values. Prevents maker, tempera, pencil, charcoal, pastel, chalk and opaque watercolors from bleeding one into the other. Soil and moisture resistant. Contains no fluorocarbons and free of lead hazards.

Store: Brand: Blair Price: USD 9.87

Luigi's Pizzeria
Description: Great Pizza and Italian food with great portions and reasonable prices.

Store: Brand: Blair Price: USD 10.00

Rainbow Restaurant
Description: Our friendly staff will prepare your dishes with a smile, and serve you food you are sure to enjoy. And, all at a price that you and your family can afford. So, if you are looking for Blair's answer to casual dining at a better price, be sure to stop into Rainbow Restaurant.

Store: Brand: Blair Price: USD 15.00

Jake's Bar & Grill
Description: Hungry? Whether it's one of our mouth-watering 1/2 pound burgers, lip-smacking hot wings, crisp garden salads, zesty nachos, or pizzas baked to golden perfection...Jakes Sports Bar & Grill has all the foods you truly crave.

Store: Brand: Blair Price: USD 10.00

Nick's Italian Cafe
Description: Restaurant critics, neighborhood regulars, and first time visitors always agree about Nick's Italian Cafe: the atmosphere is great, the food is superb, and the service is outstanding. The restaurant offers a casual atmosphere that is perfect for dining with friends, co-workers, and family members. The menu features an array of great selections, always made from the highest quality ingredients. Be sure to ask your server about daily specials and other notable menu selections. The staff at Nick's Italian Cafe are friendly, professional, and will ensure that your dining experience is a pleasant one. Please stop in soon!

Store: Brand: Blair Price: USD 15.00

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